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Welcome To the natural Sweet Life

We believe that India with its rich tradition and diverse food culture has a lot to offer to the International Cuisine. Indian Sweets which have a rich history tracing back to the 12th  Century have  varieties to satisfy the taste buds of any food lover. No Indian meal experience is complete without a portion of "Meetha (Sweet)" in the end.

Our effort at Veejal is to make this "Meetha (Sweet) experience" more tasteful, fulfilling and cherishing. Our Vision at Veejal is to “Create and Promote Indian Meetha (Sweets) which are Pure, Fresh and Natural”. We are committed to create products which can "Satisfy your taste buds" with 100% natural contents.


Our quality commitment

At Veejal we are committed to provide Quality Indian Meetha (Sweets) which are Pure, Fresh and Natural. All our Products are made of 100% natural ingredients with no added preservatives or artificial colours. All Products are made to Order and delivered straight out of the Kitchen.