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Lakshmi S July 2, 2017
I ordered Shrikhand from them. It was awesome and the delivery was prompt.

We ordered churma ladoo's & keshar dry fruit rabdi...for the occasion of Ganesh Chaturti..the ladoos are too good , nearly 150 nos of lodoos finished by next day of festival.... & About rabdi fantabulous.... thank you veejal...

9 Jalpa Bagdai Thakkar August 17, 2017
Very delicious and freshly made we love to eat it again and again

Kammal Joshi August 17, 2017
Ordered Rabdi via online. Rabdi was packed in a good box. Taste was it. I am now the regular customer of Vejal. I will try kesar shrikhand or fruit shrikhand.

7 Avni July 25, 2017
Super yummy and fresh Rabdi. Their mathdi is also superb!
The quality is excellent.

6 Kirti July 15, 2017
Looks just awesome and tempting. Can't wait to order soon

5 Dipti July 13, 2017
I tried Fresh fruit srikhand . it was delicious.
the best thing i like about Veejal Sweets is they deliver fresh stuff and on time.
keep it up.

4 Nikhil Bagalkotkar July 11, 2017
We ordered the Dry Fruit Rabdi from Veejal. Not only was the the rabdi fresh and stupendously tasty, the fact that they use no artificial additives made it an healthy choice.

3 dipti July 10, 2017
I ordered Dry fruit kesar rabdi, it was one of the best Rabdi i have eaten till date.
it was so rich and fresh . i just loved it.

Beautiful Presentation. Awesome Shrikhand and Rabdi. Fresh and Delicious.....

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